€26.00 A nourishing and restorative hand cream for dry and damaged hands.
€15.00 A natural deodorant cream that traps bacteria, regulates perspiration and prevents unpleasant odors.
€35.00 Moisturizing body milk that provides a sparkling shine.
€35.10 Restorative and soothing body milk. Ideal for use as an after sun.
€24.70 This foot cream fights against rough, cracked skin.
€15.00 Moisturizing, restorative and protective lip balm.
€16.30 A special scrub to remove dead skin cells from the lips.
€40.30 A body cream for improving the tissue.
€35.10 A body cream for nourishing dry skin with an orange scent.
€36.40 Gentle body scrub for removing dead skin cells with a citrus scent.