marina simon

The history

After spending 10 years in the field of perfumery and beauty institute, where Marina was trained by the greatest (Clarins, Chanel, Sisley, Sothys, Maria Galland, Esthederm...), she wanted something different: more natural, truer, simpler.
So she imagined Beauté Simple, a collection of natural products full of essential oils and vegetable oils. Tailor-made treatments with simple ingredients: shea butter, sea salt, clay, algae. Relaxation with massage techniques based on drainage. After 10 years of success, a new twist came, that of sharing her experience. A beautician's brand for other beauticians and their clients.

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Why Beauté Simple?

The products contain melting textures, pleasant scents, optimal concentrations of active ingredients and all made in France, of course without parabens & animal testing! In addition, a concept with a wide range of salon treatments tailored to the skin type, budget and available time for the customer, so that the treatment can vary indefinitely.

The partners who carry our logo are guarantors of our values. A beautician who listens to you, who does not judge you, who does not criticize you, a respectful person who guides you, advises you and has knowledge for a radiant and healthy skin.

Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free

Most of the ingredients of our products are French: that is, composed of plants grown, harvested and processed in France, from identified producers, with good traceability. All other raw materials used such as packaging, labels and communication media are French. Formulation and manufacture are made in 2 French laboratories in Montpellier and Marseille.